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Our company is one of the first among the online downloadable template websites. We launched our first site in 2001 and today maintain several related sites servicing the financial and investment industry. As a company, we are committed to providing up-to-date, comprehensive, and accurate sample templates to our customers worldwide. Our firm is managed by a small team of experts with experience in alternative investment, private equity and marketing and database management and is based in the financial hub of Charlotte, NC.

Each of our templates are real private placement memorandum documents successfully used to raise capital. Each private placement memorandum document has been professionally prepared by experienced investment bankers and attorneys. Almost 38% of our clients are attorneys and other financial professionals using our templates for their clients. Our templates are considered some of the best in the industry and are actual offering documents used to raise capital for a company and hedge funds. All of our templates are in Microsoft word and are easily modified to the terms of your offering.

HedgeFundPPM.net and its affiliates have been providing world-class professional services to customers worldwide. Our templates include documents for hedge funds, offshore funds, and private placement memorandums for companies








Danielle Patterson

Sales and Marketing Director



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